Pan Fried Salmon

Soy Sauce Pan Fried Salmon

We love quick, nutritious, and tasty recipes here at The Mom Plate. This recipe meets all three criteria.

1.5 lb salmon, cut into 4-6oz fillets
2 Tbsp avocado oil
salt and pepper

4 scallions, julienned
2 Tbsp ginger, julienned

3 Tbsp water
3 Tbsp soy sauce
3 Tbsp oil

Dry salmon fillets, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Heat 2 Tbsp avocado oil in large frying pan or cast-iron skillet. Fry salmon on each side just until cooked through (about 3-4 minutes each side depending on thickness. Be careful not to overcook!). Remove salmon onto serving platter.

In a small frying pan, heat remaining 3 Tbsp of oil. In a small bowl, mix together water and soy sauce. Sprinkle scallions and ginger on top of salmon. Once the oil is heated, remove pan from stove and pour oil over fish. Pour soy sauce/water mixture over fish. Sprinkle cilantro on top and serve.

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